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The joy of buying a home can quickly turn into disappointment when hidden plumbing problems surface. There’s nothing quite as frustrating and disheartening as unpacking boxes in your dream home, only to discover leaks, corroded piping, and improperly installed plumbing infrastructure. In this post, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has put together a plumbing checklist for new home buyers, so you don’t get caught up in a mess that could have been avoided altogether.


  • Turn on all faucets (sinks, tubs, and showers) and check for hot and cold water flow.
  • Flush each toilet to see if they’re in good working order.
  • Run water in the sink, tub, and shower and ensure proper drainage without any backups.
  • Turn on exhaust fans in all bathrooms and listen for proper operation and adequate ventilation.
  • Locate the shut-off valves for each sink, toilet, and shower.


  • Test the faucet for hot and cold water flow, proper pressure, and no leaks.
  • Run the garbage disposal with water flowing and test for grinding capabilities.
  • Inspect the dishwasher supply line for signs of wear or leaks.
  • Locate the shut-off valve for the sink and dishwasher. Verify they function properly to isolate water supply if needed.

Sewer System

  • Look for any signs of water damage, leaks, or mold growth around drains, pipes, or the foundation.
  • Pour water down the floor drain (e.g., in the basement) to test the functionality of the drain.
  • Check for any visible damage or blockages on the vent pipes on the roof.
  • Ask the seller or consult inspection reports for any past sewer line issues or repairs.

Water Heater

  • Identify the location of the water heater and inquire about its age and model.
  • Turn on hot water at a faucet and assess the temperature. Ideally, it should be around 118°F to 124°F. Check for any leaks around the water heater tank or pressure relief valve.
  • Look for any rust or corrosion on the water heater tank or pipes, which might indicate potential leaks or nearing replacement time.
  • If possible, check the functionality of the pressure relief valve and the temperature control settings.
  • Locate the drain valve and ensure it functions properly for future maintenance or tank draining.

Other Fixtures and Appliances

  • Inspect the washing machine supply lines for wear or leaks. Ensure a tight connection at both ends of the washing machine and the shut-off valves.
  • Turn on all hose bibs and check for proper water flow and leaks around the connections.
  • Pour water down exterior drains and see if they’re in good working order.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Residential and Commercial Plumbing Inspections

If you’re buying a new home, you need a trusted plumbing repair service on your side to assess the critical areas of the plumbing system. You do not want to purchase a property with hidden plumbing problems. Here at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we specialize in performing professional plumbing inspections in a wide range of properties. Our residential plumbers will make sure no stone is left unturned during their inspections, allowing you to make an informed decision.

In addition to plumbing inspections, we offer a wide range of plumbing installations, repairs, and routine maintenance services. Whether you’re looking to repipe your older home, fix a faulty water heater, or check the condition of your piping, we are the plumbing service you can trust for all of your plumbing needs. If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced residential plumber, look no further than Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

May 09, 2024

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Customer Reviews

Our plumber was excellent he came out probably even on a holiday and did exactly what he was supposed to do. You also informed us and let us make the decisions. We will definitely happen again

Service was excellent. Came in hour after calling. Did a very good job. Darrel was very good and very polite. I didn’t expect it to cost that much but like I said I’m very grateful for the job being done so quickly and good job.

Service was excellent. Came in hour after calling. Did a very good job. Darrel was very good and very polite. I didn’t expect it to cost that much but like I said I’m very grateful for the job being done so quickly and good job.

Delvin arrived quickly on a Sunday for water fsu ets that needed to be replaced. He was timely and professional and I was happy with his work. I will be calling on their services again!