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A clogged garage floor drain can cause a lot of trouble. No homeowner wants to deal with water pooling around their car, tools, and storage boxes. Luckily, resolving this issue doesn't have to be overwhelming. With help from Mr. Rooter Plumbing, you can make sure that your garage stays clean and dry. We offer reliable drain cleaning and clogged drain line repair services that can get things back to normal. Keep reading to find out how a professional plumber can restore proper drainage.

Understanding Different Types of Garage Floor Drains

Garage floor drains come in various designs, and understanding the differences between them can help you effectively manage and maintain your garage's drainage system.

  • Identifying Round Floor Drains: Round floor drains are a common feature in many garages, known for their circular grates. These drains typically lead directly to your home's main sewer line and efficiently manage runoff water. To unclog a round floor drain, you'll need to start by removing the grate. Use a screwdriver to carefully lift it off, and take care not to damage the surrounding flooring. Once the grate is removed, inspect the drain for visible debris or blockages. Common culprits include leaves, dirt, and other small items that can accumulate over time.
  • Managing Trench Floor Drains: Trench floor drains, on the other hand, are designed for larger garages or commercial spaces where higher volumes of water need to be managed. These long, narrow drains run the length of the garage floor, capturing and channeling water away. To tackle a clog in a trench drain, begin by removing the cover. This might require unscrewing multiple bolts, depending on the design. After removing the cover, use a flashlight to inspect the drain for obstructions. It's not uncommon for these drains to become blocked by mud, leaves, or even small rocks.

Common Causes of Clogged Garage Floor Drains

Clogs in garage floor drains can be a frequent issue, causing water to back up and create potential hazards. Identifying the common causes of these clogs can help you prevent them.

  • Debris and Foreign Objects: One of the primary reasons for clogs in garage floor drains is the accumulation of debris and foreign objects. Dirt, leaves, and other small items can easily find their way into the drain, especially during the fall and winter months. Routine drain cleaning can help prevent these clogs from forming. Use a manual drain snake to reach deep into the drain and dislodge debris that may be causing the blockage. For particularly stubborn clogs, consider investing in a hydro-jetting service to flush out the drain.
  • Grease and Oil Buildup: Garages are often home to vehicles and machinery that can leak oil and grease. Over time, these substances can accumulate in your floor drain, leading to clogs. To address grease and oil buildup, you'll need a degreasing solution. Pour a generous amount of the solution into the drain and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, use a brush or a drain snake to scrub the inside of the drain, breaking up the grease and allowing it to flow out. Rinse the drain with hot water to make sure all the grease is removed.
  • Roots and Natural Obstructions: If your garage is located near trees or shrubs, their roots can infiltrate your drainage system, causing blockages. To tackle root-related clogs, you'll need to call a professional. Plumbers can utilize a mechanical auger or hydrojetting system to remove the roots. This process may require several attempts, depending on the severity of the blockage.

Techniques for Clearing Clogged Garage Drains

When your garage floor drain becomes clogged, there are several techniques you can use to clear it. From manual tools to professional help, understanding these methods can help you tackle clogs effectively and avoid an emergency clogged drain line repair.

  • Using Manual Tools and Techniques: Sometimes, a clogged garage floor drain can be fixed using simple manual tools and techniques. Start with a plunger – a trusty tool that can create enough suction to dislodge minor clogs. Place the plunger over the drain and pump vigorously to create pressure. If this doesn't work, try using a manual plumbing auger. You’ll need to insert the tool into the drain and rotate it to break up and pull out any obstructions. Be patient and persistent, as it might take several attempts to fully clear the clog.
  • Call the Professionals: While DIY methods can be effective, some clogs require the help of a professional plumbing service. If you've tried the above techniques without success, or if the clog keeps coming back, it's time to call in the pros. A plumber has the tools and training to diagnose and resolve even the most stubborn of clogs, and they can inspect your entire drainage system to find any underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem.

Do You Need a Dependable Clogged Drain Line Repair or Drain Cleaning Service?

Dealing with a clogged garage floor drain is a hassle, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing can restore proper drainage in no time. Whether you need routine maintenance or a plumbing repair service, our specialists have what it takes to get the job done. If you find yourself facing a particularly stubborn clog, contact our team to schedule a reliable plumbing service.

Jun 04, 2024

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Our plumber was excellent he came out probably even on a holiday and did exactly what he was supposed to do. You also informed us and let us make the decisions. We will definitely happen again

Service was excellent. Came in hour after calling. Did a very good job. Darrel was very good and very polite. I didn’t expect it to cost that much but like I said I’m very grateful for the job being done so quickly and good job.

Service was excellent. Came in hour after calling. Did a very good job. Darrel was very good and very polite. I didn’t expect it to cost that much but like I said I’m very grateful for the job being done so quickly and good job.

Delvin arrived quickly on a Sunday for water fsu ets that needed to be replaced. He was timely and professional and I was happy with his work. I will be calling on their services again!